Watch this mountain biker traverse the narrowest of passages

Amazing video comes via GoPro wearing rider

I’m not going to lie—for the entirety of this video, I didn’t move. Emails were ignored. Phone calls unheard. All my attention was focused on what I was witnessing on screen.


Watching the video all the way through, it appears as though the biker / daredevil is part of some sort of competition / exhibition. Not sure the route he took was intentional; regardless, he destroyed it, and in doing so, confirmed he has a set of brass ones hanging below his waist line.


Video looks like it was shot with a GoPro, so bear with the quality. Otherwise, enjoy:

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Boombotix 420 Easter Mix

This playlist is a collection of jams designed to elevate your session to new heights. We encourage you to take this special 2014 Easter 420 holiday to find eggs that have some really special treasures. This mix has a dab of gangster rap, reggae, and some classics to put you on another level. If you want to session with us, you can join us on Boombotix SYNC to have a real-time session throughout the day. Roll it up and hit the play button.

Also be sure to check out the new Boombot2+ Chronic Edition launching on 4-20. If you want to take these tunes on-the-go, this little guy can help lead the way.

Out of the box circuit board turns wearable tech into easy DIY project

Board could serve as foundation for new types of wearable tech

Wearable tech is all the rage these days — whether it’s the more traditional item, like a watch . . .


. . . or something a bit more unique, like your Bluetooth speaker . . .


. . . if it’s an electronic that can also serve as a complimentary accessory to one’s outfit, then it’s getting worn.

The trouble with this growing industry is the pace with which its popularity is expanding; that is, there are not enough wearable electronics available to satisfy market demand. That’s what makes a project like “MetaWear” so exciting.


Measuring less than the size of a quarter, MetaWear makes it super easy for even the amateur hobbyist to create hardware and devices for clothing that sync to their smartphone. It operates via a tiny ARM+Bluetooth LE Platform (the only development and production platform designed for wearables) and is compatible with both iOS and Android systems.

These two features alone significantly educe overall cost and time spent prototyping ideas.


Those who order MetaWear can browse the company’s Github account, which includes API libraries, documents, and sample iOS / Android apps to help get their idea started. Its BLE radio has been CE and FCC certified, and the device is cost and BOM optimized, so if an idea really takes off, there are few hurdles in the way.


The folks behind MetaWear foresee a range of products that could result from it being put out to the public for research and development, including headbands that count calories and miles run, anti-theft checkers for valuables, a fake phone call trigger, etc.

Right now, the MetaWear is on Kickstarter. It has already surpassed its target goal seven times over. Those who invest $30 will not only receive the MetaWear board but also a rechargeable USB battery, coin vibrator, and a buzzer.

The campaign will be live till May 2. Good luck to the MetaWear folk!

Watch kids try and figure out what a Walkman is

Funny video shows just how much technology has advanced in recent years

Ready to feel super old? Check out the clip below “Kids react to walkmans”, aka: portable cassette players, which were first introduced to the market in 1979, and turn 35 years old this year.


Put together by the very funny “TheFineBros” team, the video runs about 7 and a half minutes long, and features children aged 6 thru 13 (so they weren’t alive in the 1990′s) as they’re interviewed about a black brick-like object that somehow plays music. It’s as much amusing as it is sad in the sense that, if you remember using these things, you suddenly realize just how old you really are.


“I feel like I’m Indiana Jones or something,” one kid said after getting the cassette inside the device.

Hahaha . . . snifflesniffle . . . hahaha . . . sobsob.

Artist Hightlight: Michael Sato

MichaelSato Several months ago I met Michael Sato randomly on our company’s LiveChat. When I work late at night, I would go on LiveChat just because I enjoyed speaking directly to customers. Michael was talking about using our speakers while he was doing photo shoots. He really likes listening to music while making his art, but he couldn’t wear headphones while he was working with models and athletes. He often shoots action sports photography, so he needed a versatile speaker. The fact that Boombots clipped on made it the perfect companion to take on shoots.

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