Is this what the world’s fastest bike looks like?

Students design new looking bike in hopes of breaking record

Now this is some pretty cool stuff – below is a proposed image of a new speed bike as conceived by students out of Liverpool University.


The reason why it looks absolutely nothing like a bike is because it’s specially designed to break the world’s pedal-powered speed record of 90mph. Referred to as the “ARION 1”, the bike sits inside this pill-shaped housing unit, which is made of carbon-fiber, and the rider navigates their cycle using a camera and on-board monitor.


According to the students, early studies indicate the bike is approximately 40 times more aerodynamic than a Bugatti Veyron super car.


“The project is no simple undertaking but, at this stage, just six months in, we are in a great position,” said Ben Hogan, one of the inventors.

Hogan and the rest of his mates expect production of the bike to be completed by the end of the year. They plan on making a formal attempt at breaking the aforementioned pedal-powered record at the September 2015 World Human Power Speed Challenge, which is being held in Battle Mountain, Nevada.

For those curious, the world record presently stands at 83.1mph, which was set by a Dutch team last year.

It’s a nifty concept; our only question is – where do we clip on our Bluetooth speaker?

Brian Williams’ cover of the classic Snoop Dogg song, ‘Gin and Juice’

NBC newsman is edited to the point that the song comes off pitch-perfect

When you work in audio technology, you’re constantly looking for what’s new on the music scene. songs, artists, bands, whatever, and when we come across something new and fun, we like to share it with all y’all audiophiles out there.


That said, you absolutely have to check these videos out. They were produced by The Tonight Show, and they feature NBC News’ Brian Williams rapping to popular, classic hip-hop tracks. A few weeks ago, they dropped “Rapper’s Delight” to much fanfare (it has 8,998,048 views as of the time this post is being written), and just last night, they dropped the latest video edit mash-up, “Gin and Juice”.


Kudos to The Tonight Show’s video editor, who does a fan-friggent-tastic job at cutting the Williams clips together, so much so that if one were to close their eyes and hear Williams say the line “G’s up, hoes down, while you motherfuckers bounce to this,” you’d think the popular news anchor had actually said that line during one of his broadcasts.

Check out the videos below. First, the Brian Williams “Rapper’s Delight” clip:

And now check out the Brian Williams “Gin and Juice” video:

Pyro board visualizes song’s beats with dancing flames

Idea based off Reuben’s Tube

What’s cool about the project below is the fact that not only do you get a bit of visual entertainment, you also get some learning in, too.


Per the science video blog Veritasium, the “Pyro Board” is a demonstration of what happens when sound waves travel through flammable gas set aflame.


It’s all based on a Rubens’ Tube, which is basically a long tube that’s able to illustrate stationary sound waves (a.k.a.: “standing waves”). In using some songs as the source of the sound waves, the pressure variations caused by the sound waves affect the flow rate of the aforementioned gas from the holes in the pyro board. This results in not on the height of the flame being adjusted per the beat, but the color too, making the board an awesome visual display of a fairly simple project.


The video runs six and a half minutes long because it goes into how everything works on a bit more of a granular level. If you just want to see some dancing flames, head to the three and a half minute mark.

Boombotix Releases the Chronic Edition


The Greenhouse effect

I’m happy to announce a limited edition Bot we’ve been working on since this morning over a bowl of cereal.  I would love to tell you what kind of cereal, but I totally don’t want us to get sued.  Let’s just call it ‘Raptain Runch’ and leave it at that.

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Watch this mountain biker traverse the narrowest of passages

Amazing video comes via GoPro wearing rider

I’m not going to lie—for the entirety of this video, I didn’t move. Emails were ignored. Phone calls unheard. All my attention was focused on what I was witnessing on screen.


Watching the video all the way through, it appears as though the biker / daredevil is part of some sort of competition / exhibition. Not sure the route he took was intentional; regardless, he destroyed it, and in doing so, confirmed he has a set of brass ones hanging below his waist line.


Video looks like it was shot with a GoPro, so bear with the quality. Otherwise, enjoy:

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