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Optimizing your EQ Settings with iPhone/iPod

If you are an audiophile like we are, then  this article  shows you step-by-step how to modify the EQ settings on your iPhone or iPod to achieve optimal clarity using Boombotix Boombot portable speakers. These settings are typically only found in iOS devices  (iPod Touch, Classic, and iPhone). If you are using an Android device, read this article. This is all info that is readily available in your Boombotix portable speaker user manual, but who reads it? This not only makes your speaker sounder clearer, but louder, without risking damage to the driver. You may also find this method useful for other smaller form factor portable speakers.

The bass reducer setting is actually better than the “small speaker” setting in most cases. There may also be variation depending on the audio quality and the type of music played.  As a general rule, if the speaker sounds distorted even after changing the equalizer profile, you may want to turn down the speaker to avoid causing damage.

step-by-step instructions on changing eq on ios devices

Step 1: Go to “settings” on the main menu

iPhone/iPod Settings Menu

Step 2: Select “iPod or Music depending on if you have an iPod or iPhone.

iPhone EQ Settings

Step 3: Select “EQ“.  This will take you to a list of various equalizer settings that you may find useful depending on the type of music you prefer.

iPhone EQ Settings

Step 4: Select the “Bass Reducer” setting.  This setting is especially useful if you listen to bass heavy music and still want to get the clarity.

Typically we don’t turn our volume up past 95%, and we’ve found that our tunes still hit hard with a nice full range.  Not only will this make your music sound better, but it will prolong the life of your speaker and the run time on your battery so it’s a win, win, win, win, and win.  We also find that performance varies from song to song, so you may also want to play with settings and find what works best for your listening style.

track quality: Streaming versus local storage

If you are hearing distortion at high volumes through streaming content, this is not abnormal. Streaming music quality is much lower quality than locally stored MP3s or AAC songs. Test out that fresh track you bought on iTunes against a Youtube song and you will be able to tell the difference. Try to download some content from Soundcloud and hear the difference. Besides, you never know when you’re stuck in the woods without cell service.

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  1. I always leave my EQ flat. So I’m hearing what the mixing engineers and the producer and those guys called MUSICIANS, want me to hear.

  2. I don’t know if it was always this way, but in the Google Play Music app there’s now an option for equalizer under settings. What would be the optimal settings for the Rex there?

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