Good To Be Green (and Pink)


Good Day!

This evening marks the start of a new era for SkullyBoom, a pink and green one at that! If you haven’t reserved your ticket (and your limited pink or green SB1 Speaker), its not too late! You can still sign up here. Otherwise, pick up these hot new tracks and enjoy!

Just Good To Be Green (Joker Remix)- Professor Green ft. Lily Allen

Wrestlers (Sticky Dirty Pop Remix)- Hot Chip

Look out for the new pink and green Skullys- they’re comin’ in HOT!

Four Loko Getting Canned or Banned?

On any typical weekend, college students and party-goers with very little funding and a huge appetite for getting intoxicated turn to a flavored malt-liquor beverage called Four Loko.  This beverage contains absurd amounts of caffeine much like our beloved energy drinks, only this can also packs 12% alcohol concentration.  If you were looking to get “hyphy” (oftentimes mixing uppers and downers) then this is just the drink. While this might seem like a party in a can for under three dollars, the FDA seems to think otherwise.

Nine students from Central Washington University in Ellensburg, Wash., were hospitalized after an Oct. 8 house party in Roslyn, Wash. Initially, investigators believed the culprit to be some sort of date-rape drug, but CWU officials announced at a Monday press conference that the caffeinated malt beverage was to blame, according to the Associated Press. The nine students hospitalized had blood alcohol concentrations between .12 and .35; a BAC higher than .3 is potentially lethal.

Now, Washington attorney general Rob McKenna is asking the FDA to ban the beverage. If the FDA doesn’t respond, McKenna said, he’ll work with the state liquor board to ban sale of them in the Evergreen State.

Early this month, Ramapo College in New Jersey banned the drink after 23 intoxicated students were hospitalized over the course of a few weeks.

This is not the first time there has been conflict with caffeinated beverages mixed with alcohol.  We saw Sparks with similar controversy, who maintained the brand by removing the caffeine content.  Lotus vodka was recently pulled from the shelves.  The major dilemma we see is that there is really nothing that is going to stop people from mixing alcohol with caffeine.  There will always be a Red Bull Vodka, and no matter how many drinks they ban, they will not be able to stop people from being self destructive (especially in college).  If Attorney General Rob McKenna is reading this, please watch this music video just so you know what you’re up against.

Source: Yale News

Bomb Hills Speed Kills Fixed Gear Comp Chico Oct. 29th


This year marks the 3rd annual Chico Fixed competition presented by Tedicidal Shredencies and The sponsor list is packed with some fresh companies so you can bet that there will be some great prizes out here.  Event is Sunday, October 29th.

Competition will start at 3:30pm at 1st and Wall in Chico, CA (Map it)

We’ll have our team out there in full force, so get out here!

Opulence Halloween Release Party

Front Flier

SkullyBoom invites you to turn up your noses and bathe in the sunshine of your own awesomeness at our product release party.  A fundamental theme in true opulence is exclusivity and fortune.  Having things before they’re actually available to the general public is a good sign that you are embracing opulence at its finest.  This is why we have partnered with the brand new J’s Gallery to bring you the official product pre-launch party for the new SkullyBoom SB1 color ways (pink or green).  Guests will each be graced with a FREE SB1speaker (MSRP $49.95/Limited to first 80 guests) of their choice complimented by an open bar, free food, and several live acts including fire dancing, magic, and live art.

After the evening festivities have concluded and everyone is thoroughly warmed by the beverages, we will all go enjoy an night of tasteful debauchery only a block away in the heart of SF’s Marina district.

Don’t miss this chance to have a magical night and nab a pink and green SB1 speaker 2 weeks before it’s available to the general public.

This is a costume party so please come dressed as the fantasy of your choice.  Tickets are limited.

For tickets please go to:

Opulence…. You has it.

Sponsored by:


October Hotcakes!

deadmau5 animal rights

The Giants are in the playoffs, the snow is beginning to fall in the mountains (Mammoth), and a whole new season of awesome is amongst us. Your friends at SkullyBoom feel that you should accompany these excellent times with excellent music, here are 4 hand selected tracks to get you fist-pumping (or John Wall’ing, if thats you thing).

The goods:

Deadmau5+ Wolfgang Gartner- Animal Rights (Highly recommended √++)

Diplo+ Don Diablo- Make You Pop (Seen in the new Blackberry commercial)

One More Day ft. Mike Lord- Boemklatsch (√++)

Take Over Control (Adam F Remix)- Afrojack

Enjoy friends!