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Unveiling the Proof watch for the iPod Nano

Project Update: We have decided to put this project to a halt. Between the G6 iPod nano reaching the end of it’s product lifestyle, and other more exciting developments happening in the world of Smartwatches, we didn’t take interest in bringing this to market. We will continue focusing our efforts on doing what we do best; Making great ultraportable speakers. 

In April of this year, we started a project to design a new watch (The Proof)  housing for the Gen 6 iPod nano.  We saw a lot of cool products on the market including the Lunatik and the Hex bands.  While some of these products have great designs, there was a major limitation preventing us from really adopting the iPod nano as our everyday watch: WATERPROOFING.  The new nano OS features 18 customizable watch faces already, so there’s no doubt that Apple is supporting the user community looking to bring cutting edge technology to their wrist.

Over the past six months, we went through numerous design iterations to get this concept onto our wrist.  We’re happy to say it was well worth it.  The watch design had the same sharp lines that we envisioned to really convey industrial toughness with modern design.  We’ve made some cool adaptations to bring wireless Bluetooth technology to the watch to make easy compatibility with our BB2 wireless speaker as well.  Whether you’re mashing through deep snow or kayaking down a white rapid, the Proof gives your nano the protection it needs while also enabling you to use wireless audio devices.

So what’s the plan for this product?  There’s no doubt that we have to hit the spec sheet and make some tweaks to refine this design to be market ready.  We’re going to be putting together a Kickstarter video that captures the design process with hopes that we can raise enough interest in this product to take it to market.  We will have the Proof up for pre-order on our website soon as well.

Please let us know what you think of the product because it’s not too late for us to adapt your suggestions to our final product!

11 comments on “Unveiling the Proof watch for the iPod Nano

  1. i think this is a great idea, i want one!. maybe a little more “sleek”, just smaller and less square so as to be more comfortable. put it on the market soon!

  2. It would be cool if you made of the attatchments a nike plus sensor. also when does it come out

  3. great idea incorporating Bluetooth with the nano, as well as waterproof. a non waterproof version should also be made which is less bulky with a sleeker, more modern design, echoing the LOOP watch strap

  4. Love your concept, love the design. The color is a deal breaker for me.
    Too bad you cant make a black one or something more suitable for a business environment. Limiting your first run to this color, severely restricts your market. There is a huge market of professionals that can afford to frequently travel, surf, snowboard aka live an active lifestyle unfortunately they work in a business environment where they simply cant wear this color to work. I will wait for a black one to come out. Hopefully you guys will bring that to the market before another company does.

  5. Hey guys, sorry to say but we axed this project. The liability of having the waterproofing be anything less than perfect is just too much. We didn’t really get the support we needed to get it to launch. Aside from that, I just didn’t want to distract our team from building great speakers. That’s what we do best.

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