12 New Words and Phrases to Come out of 2012

From Off the Cob to Mellencamp, the definitions behind the words that are now unfortunately part of our lexicon

Random letters

2012’s wrapping up, so what better time to check back on how far the world has progressed than by reviewing some of the words and phrases that worked their way into our conversations.

Some of them are pretty creative, others — not so much.

1. Off the cob: super-corny

2. Douse the Edisons: turn the lights off (kind of lame)

3. Focus your audio: listen carefully (we’re going to make a push next year to change this to “Focus your Boombot”)

4. In the ketchup: when you’re working at a deficit (took me a minute to catch on with this one)

5. Wet sock: limp handshake (odd visual)

6. Alcoholiday: time off to spend drinking (never heard of this one, but I like it)

7. Mellencamp: a woman who’s too old to be a cougar (awesome)

8. Hotter than Dutch love in harvest: really, really ridiculously hot

9. Googleganger: person who has the same name as you that shows up in search results when you Google yourself

10. Chuck a dummy: pretend to faint in order to win sympathy

11. Know your groceries: be aware, or do things well

12. The zings: hangover

Group teaches dogs how to drive Mini Cooper

Experiment proves how smart dogs are

Dog Driving Mini Cooper

Can you teach an old dog new tricks? Thanks to MINI and the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), we now know the answer — yes. The two groups recently got together on a campaign to prove that a little love and attention can go a long way with man’s best friend.

Dog practicing drive

Dog practicing driving car

MINI built a specially-sized kart for the project that was adapted to allow the dogs to drive them. Three dogs in total went through the training program, all of which have proven successful to date.

Dogs training how to drive

Here’s a video of one of the dogs in the group driving. His name’s Porter and he’s a 10-month-old Beardie Cross.

Not sure about the audio capabilities of their new ride, but I think it would be pretty cool to strap on one of our portable speakers and have some Snoop Dogg going while the dogs are cruising down the street. Just a thought.

To learn more about the program, go to facebook.com/drivingdogs

One THOUSAND – Count it


This month marks two exciting milestones for Boombotix.  We hit our thousandth Instagram follower and got our thousandth backer on our Kickstarter campaign.  The only unfortunate thing about a thousand is that then next major milestone is ten times higher.  Anyhow, thanks to everyone that has been staying tight with our company.  We consider each and every one of you to be more than just customers.  You are friends.  Onward march.

Band creates record made of ice to promote new song from forthcoming album

Swedish band Shout Out Louds come up with “cool” concept to promote latest album

Shout Out Louds Ice Record

Swedish band, the Shout Out Louds, along with their label company, Bud Fox Recording, recently came up with an unbelievably cool concept that we, the makers of the best sounding portable speaker in the world, couldn’t pass up on covering.

The concept was based around the task of coming up with a new and different way to promote their latest album, “Optica”. What they decided to do is release the album’s first single, “Blue Ice” to a select group of media and fans, by way of sending these individuals a kit with instructions inside on how to create a record out of ice and how to play it on an actual record player.

Ice record making kit from Shout Out Louds

Crazy? More like crazy awesome. For me, you, and the rest of everyone who didn’t get a special ice-record kit, the group released an instructional video that explains how the mold inside is able to create a 3D LP out of nothing more than a little frozen water.

Music record made out of ice

Now, granted, the sound isn’t that great coming off the ice record. The group estimates that it’s actually somewhere around 30% of its original quality. Still — they’re playing music off frozen water. That’s some amazing stuff.

Check out the Shout Out Louds how to make a record out of ice video below:

Phone attachment eliminates need for all other portable gaming consoles

Gamepad can be used by itself or be attached to phone directly

PhoneJoy Play gamepad


You’re looking at PhoneJoy Play—a compact gamepad that gets attached to one’s phone, connects via Bluetooth, and instantly turns the device into a portable gaming console.

PhoneJoy closed

PhoneJoy open

PhoneJoy with phone

The controls copy traditional gaming controllers and are able to work with iPhones, iPads, Android, and PC products, giving you the option to either clamp the device to your smartphone for instant gaming wherever you are, or otherwise be clamped together and instead used as a standalone controller with your tablet or computer (Bluetooth 3.0 extends 30 feet).

Kid playing with PhoneJoy

The folks behind PhoneJoy believe that touch controls hurt — not help — a lot of games nowadays. That’s what inspired them to create this device. It’s small, measuring 102mm x 87mm x 37mm closed and 255mm x 87mm x 37mm open, and it’s lightweight, too, at just 250g, so it’s not a bother to carry around.

PhoneJoy fits into pocket

PhoneJoy Play has a long lasting battery (20 hours) and is also fairly inexpensive: listed on Kickstarter — like a certain popular portable speaker I know of — those who pledge $60 get their very own PhoneJoy Play. Not bad when compared to the astronomical prices of some of the other portable game consoles out there.