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Mounting speakers to your bike just got easy

UPDATE: BarMount2 is going to be available by Late July 2013.  Check out our new and improved design.

Mounting Boombotix speakers to a bike has been a dream for us since we started our company.  It takes about nine months to give birth to a child.  After nine months of design/manufacturing, our engineers have given birth to a welcome addition to the Boombot family.  During the birth of the Bike Handlebar Mount Kit, we suffered a number of complications.  After a serious C-section, the operation was completed and the end result is a purpose built piece of hardware that is going to amplify your bike riding experience.

Technical Specifications

The Boombotix Handlebar Mount Kit  was developed with over 10,000 miles of riding in urban streets.  The Handlebar Mount Kit allows you to clip Boombotix speakers onto your handlebars and get your music blasted straight to your face for the ultimate high fidelity audio experience. The mount kit features a universal adapter for just about every handlebar size.  The kit includes all necessary hardware and installation tools.  Also features shock/vibration resistant pads.

DISCLAIMER:  The Kit is intended to be used for on-road use.  Severe impact can cause the speaker to slide off the mounting system.  Dropping curbs are OK.  Stair-sets, not so much.  Be sure to clip your speaker onto the mount securely so that the clip has a firm grasp on mounting hardware.

Which speaker to use with the bike handlebar mounting kit

The handlebar mount kit works best with the BB2 wireless speaker collection because there is no need to route cables on your bicycle.  Amazon offers a good selection of hardware devices to mount your iphone to your bars.  In our opinion, that setup with a smartphone on the bars with a speaker looks incredibly cluttered.  To some gadget fiends that like the idea of having their audio interface, GPS, and other data conveniently on their stem, it might be a preferred setup.

Why using a speaker instead of headphones when riding bikes

Our company is excited about having the ability to continually grow our roots in the biking community.  In most areas, riding with headphones is considered illegal.  The importance of hearing your surroundings is imperative to your own safety and those around you.  Digital Music News reported a tripled death rate of headphone related accidents.  Most of these take place in urban areas, and there’s no doubt that bike riding can also add to the risk.  Riding bikes offers a phenomenal form of transportation in urban areas.  Between health, convenience, and sustainability, bike riding could be a growing trend in these areas.  We recently wrote on music increasing performance amongst athletes (and hipsters), so naturally, if you want to zip around your hood in a safe way with a shit-eating grin on your face, you should probably look at swooping up a BB2 speaker with a handlebar mount kit.  Purchase yours here.

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  1. Great gadget. I am sure bikers would love some rock and roll as they ride and speakers would provide such capabilities better than headphones. Thanks for sharing

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