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Funny Cake Messages

Some might call these cake fails, but every one’s a winner in my eyes

Funny teen pregnancy cake

What’s great about the Internet is its ability to inspire creativity. Case in point: funny cakes messages.

One day, some guy thought it might be funny to write a sarcastic message on a birthday cake, posted it up on the Web, and from there came 20 billion copycats just like it.

Now there are funny cake messages not only for birthdays and retirements, but also teen pregnancies and accidentally running over one’s friend’s pet.

Funny animal death cake

Hungry for more? Plenty of other funny cakes after the jump:

You slept with who???
Funny cake fail - I slept with your mom

Not sure what it says, but it looks yummy:
Poop cake

Keeping with the poop theme:
Toilet cake

Only Chuck Norris eats Chuck Norris cake:
Chuck Norris cake

Well ain’t that just the truth nowadays:
Funny Facebook Futurama Fry cake

Well this just all sorts of fuc#ed up:
Funny cake message

And it plays Dashboard Confessional in the background when it’s doing it:
Humorous cake message

The emo cake’s parent’s cake:
Dark humor cake

A bit literal, no?
Funny cake fail

Oh Rick Astley would be so proud:
Rick Roll cake

Well, thanks for the visual:
Funny cake

Anddd I know what I’m writing on my next cake:
Silly cake message

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