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Rich Kids on Instagram Living Limitless Fantasies

What would you do if there were no limits?

There is an old saying that tells us that youth is wasted on the young. Essentially this hoary old maxim informs us that by the time we have the wealth, experience of hard earned life lessons, and the resulting wisdom accrued from those lessons under our collective belts we will no longer have the vitality, optimism, creativity and passion to truly enjoy the world to the fullest like we should. If you think it sounds like something bitter middle aged people say to defend abandoning their dreams you’re about half right.

The saying came to mind after stumbling upon the Tumblr for Rich Kids of Instagram. Now here is a group of kids who may not have the wisdom, but who definitely have the means to pursue their dreams to the fullest. Think about it – what if money were literally no object? What would your days look like? It’s a question we’ve all spent hours daydreaming up answers to, some of us more so than others, and while we were supposed to be working hard for our bosses! Here is a group of kids who actually get to answer that question on a daily basis.

For some that means waking up in their mansion to a giant feast created for them by their personal chef. For others it means lavish pool parties with endless bottles of expensive champagne and drinks. But why sit around the crib all day doing nothing? With so much free, unsupervised time and a virtually endless allowance, why not go out and start shopping?

How about a trip to Rodeo (or somewhere similar) to snatch up some platinum and gold jewelry? Watches, bracelets, necklaces…whatever. Some diamond encrusted bling to impress your other super rich friends? Rolex and Cartier and Gucci and Louis Vitton and Michael Kors. Who knows who you might run into while you are there? Nikki Minaj or Kanye West or Kate Upton or Michael Kors!

But now that you have all the baubles your heart could ever desire what do you do? Head on over to the car dealership and start earning rewards points on that Black card of course. How about a Bentley or a Ferrari? Audi R8 maybe more your speed? DB9? Put the top down and throw hundreds out onto the freeway if you like. Let them know, like Jay said, money ain’t a thing!

Sometimes even the rich need a vacation from their boring lives. That’s where the real fun comes in. How about taking your entourage by private jet to the island of your choice to party all night long? Sounds like a great plan. Maybe even St. Tropez?

You gotta get around the island in style so you’re going to need a chartered yacht to party on. Hire T-Pain to shout “I’m on a boat!” every hour on the hour if you like. Now you can skinny dip in a clear blue ocean that rivals most people’s fantasy desktop backgrounds and rinse off with champagne between orgies.

All that bubbly flowing got your bar tab running up over five figures? No problem. Just slap down the plastic. You’re folks are part of that one percent so you can’t be denied!

But what if you’re worried that one day your gardener and your personal chef and your masseuse and your toe nail clipper and your ball hair waxer and your television channel changer and your personal shopper and your tarot card reader and your butler and your chauffeur and your drug dealer and your personal trainer and the guy that does your Feng Shui will get together when you’re not around and plan a coop to overthrow you and steal all your wealth? Some people don’t understand the stress of being a job creator. What will you do when the people you hired with all your parents money, the people hired to protect and serve and pamper you turn on you? Not a problem. Just grab your Versace gold plated AK47 you bought for $9,000 and tell them to say hello to your little friend!

After seeing this ridiculous display of swag we’ve come to the conclusion that these kids are living the ultimate lifestyle of excess in the golden age of grotesque. While we appreciate that they took to Instagram to share their fantasy lifestyles with them we’re a little bummed out we didn’t see more BoomBots in their pictures. All that outdoor lifestyle balling and unlimited cash is WASTED without taking us along! We’re not mad though, or jealous for that matter. That’s because we decided long ago that if we ever made that level of money we wouldn’t spend it on frivolous trinkets and trips. We’d invest it back into society in a meaningful way. We’d become the real-life Batman.

For more details on how the privileged children of the rich spend their parents money in outrageous ways check out RICH KIDS ON INSTAGRAM.

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