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Group turns Surface tablet into skateboard to prove durability

Microsoft proves new Surface tablet is most durable in the market

There are not a lot of gadgets out there as durable as our ultraportable speakers, what with the fact that all these new electronics hitting the shelves nowadays are packed to the gill with smaller and more fragile components behind an increasingly cheaper touch-screen glass surface.

Fragile gadgets

There’s a new tablet hitting the market that’s looking to break the mold in this regard—the Microsoft Surface. The thing’s already generating plenty of buzz over its low price ($499) and high functionality (it’ll feature the much talked about Windows 8).

But the one thing that EVERYONE is talking about right now is its durability. That’s because the head of the Windows group, Steven Sinofsky, recently tweeted photos of himself riding the Surface . . . as a skateboard.

Steven Sinofsky
^This dude^

Microsoft Surface tablet skateboard
^Made this^

Steven Sinofsky riding Microsoft Surface tablet skateboard
^And then did this^

Now, I think it’s pretty safe to say that the Surface won’t come with a four-pack of board wheels, but the fact that Sinofksy was able to do something like this does demonstrate how ridiculously durable the new tablet is. Makes sense—after all, its case is made out of friggen titanium and vapor magnesium, and the glass is none other than Gorilla Glass 2.0—the brand that’s constantly upping the bar when it comes to toughness.

Sold on Microsoft’s new Surface tablet? You’ll have to wait a few more days to buy it—it doesn’t go on sale till October 26th.

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