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Infographic Essentials to Electronic Hardware Design

A lot of people have ideas of things they want to build but sometimes it can be daunting to get started.  Electronic hardware design in particular is something that scares most people.  Naturally, not everyone has every skill set required to make electronics, so most people dismiss it as the impossible.  They concede that only large companies with deep engineering resources can make electronics.  Fortunately, the rules have changed.  Technology has leveled the playing field and ODMs have opened their doors for business to entrepreneurs with a smaller wallet.

When we started building Boombots, we were working out of a garage (like most startups).  With less than $12k invested, we managed to get a finished production quality prototype and a completed injection mold.  Get in business gentlemen.

One comment on “Infographic Essentials to Electronic Hardware Design

  1. Wow, thank you so much for breaking this process down for me. I own a boombotix REX and it is awesome, I got it after i saw your successful Kickstarter campaign way back when. I appreciate you sharing this information on how to go about building an amazing product, It really is truly awesome and inspirational. I am a huge fan of Design and Industrial Engineering, and come up with ideas all the time, however I did not know the steps to go through to be able to make a full fledged working product with electronic components. The furthest i got was learning about rapid prototype creation, I am a graphic designer, who has also developed apps, and a few different types of t-shirts, but this is amazing, I hope one day I am able to create an amazing product like this, seriously, I appreciate this so much.

    Fan for life. Transparency is KING, thank you!!

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