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Best video game ever: Play with cats in real time

Program lets online users interact with cats in shelters

If you follow us on Facebook, you already know that, with our “Caturday” series, we — the makers of the best portable speaker in the world — have a thing for felines.

Cat with moustache

Funny photo of cat

Cat drinking Tequila

That’s why we’re four-paw excited by new website iPet Companion. Created by software company Reach-In, it lets online users control toys to play with cats in shelters. When users visit the page, they can choose a shelter and see the animals via webcam in real time. Then, if they want to play with any of the cats, they click “Let’s Play!” which allows them to manipulate the camera and controls to either swing around feathers, twirl other toys, or pan / zoom the camera.

iPet Companion screenshot

Close-up of iPet Companion screenshot

The goal with all of this? To allow potential owners the chance to play with the animals and get an idea of what they’re like. It might also help bring potential owners into the shelter to go pick one up.

Above all else, it’s a great time killer. So go ahead and play at

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