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12 New Words and Phrases to Come out of 2012

From Off the Cob to Mellencamp, the definitions behind the words that are now unfortunately part of our lexicon

Random letters

2012’s wrapping up, so what better time to check back on how far the world has progressed than by reviewing some of the words and phrases that worked their way into our conversations.

Some of them are pretty creative, others — not so much.

1. Off the cob: super-corny

2. Douse the Edisons: turn the lights off (kind of lame)

3. Focus your audio: listen carefully (we’re going to make a push next year to change this to “Focus your Boombot”)

4. In the ketchup: when you’re working at a deficit (took me a minute to catch on with this one)

5. Wet sock: limp handshake (odd visual)

6. Alcoholiday: time off to spend drinking (never heard of this one, but I like it)

7. Mellencamp: a woman who’s too old to be a cougar (awesome)

8. Hotter than Dutch love in harvest: really, really ridiculously hot

9. Googleganger: person who has the same name as you that shows up in search results when you Google yourself

10. Chuck a dummy: pretend to faint in order to win sympathy

11. Know your groceries: be aware, or do things well

12. The zings: hangover

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