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$400 pillow changes shape while you sleep

Pillow incorporates modern-day technology to help users sleep better at night


Got a couple hundred bucks to blow? You might be interested in the “intelliPillow”: a high-end, high-tech pillow that automatically adjusts and changes shape whenever a user rolls over.

The cost? Oh you know, just $350-400.

Inside the pillow is a series of inflatable chambers connected to a compressor that sits below the bed. A mat placed on top of the mattress detects when a sleeper shifts from lying on their sides to their backs, or vice versa. When an adjustment is detected, it notifies the compressor of the change in position, whereupon the device inflates or deflates the chambers of the pillow to a pre-determined shape.

Compressor for intelliPillow

Demonstrating intelliPillow

Cool stuff, but you know what else works? Alcohol. Lots and lots of alcohol.

Drunk sleeping

Passed out drunk

Drunk guy passed out

intelliPillow won’t be available till later this year.What do you think? How much is a good night’s sleep worth to you?

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