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Chemist gets dumped, uses extra time to build laser-firing Iron Man glove

Scientist uses extra time, extra money towards building new gadgets

Patrick Priebe is a 29-year-old chemist out of Germany. He’s single. He’s smart. And he loves Iron Man. So much so that he used the extra time and money he had after getting dumped by his ex-girlfriend to build the “Iron Man Laser Gauntles”—a red and gold metal shell equipped with two 1.2-watt blue lasers and another two 4-milliwatt red lasers.

Iron Man gauntlet

Iron Man laser gauntlet glove

Once completed, Priebe took to YouTube to demonstrate the gadget (video below). He starts things out by doing a walk-through on how the glove works, before eventually using the red lasers to aim at some blue balloons, and the blue laser to obliterate them.

Shooting balloons with Iron Man gauntlet

Using Iron Man gauntlet

“I’m a huge fan,” Priebe said regarding the Iron Man movies in an interview with the Los Angeles Times via instant message. “There are weeks I watch the movies twice each day while working on stuff.”

Priebe said he has no intentions to build a full Iron Man suit, estimating that it would take close to four years to make.

The good news is that, while the glove cost roughly $650 and nearly 130 hours to build, he was actually able to sell the thing. After posting the video to YouTube, one of his frequent customers (he’s built other gadgets before and sold them online) contacted him about purchasing the device. After some back-and-forth, Priebe was able to sell it for a little more than $2,660.

After recently losing his job in September, he’s decided to make his hobby of building gadgets a full-time gig, even though he’s technically trained as a chemist. “In Tony Starks’ words: Sometimes you gotta run before you can walk,” he said to the Times.

From the makers of the best portable speaker in the world: Best of luck to you Priebes!

Video of the Iron Man gauntlet with lasers below:

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