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Vaportini lets users inhale their favorite cocktails

Researchers release new way to get wasted


Researchers have finally found a way to combine what’s great about drinking with everything that’s great about bongs. The device is called Vaportini and for $35 you can own your cocktail bong that lets you inhale your favorite alcohol.

To use it, the drinker places a lit candle in the bottom of a standard pint glass. Next, the metal Vaportini ring is placed on top of the glass, with the bong / globe placed on top of the ring and the opening facing up.

Vaportini metal ring

A funnel goes into the opening to allow for 1.15 ounces of alcohol to be added to the globe (for the purpose of catching a buzz, the manufacturer suggests a spirit with a proof of 80-100).

Once the spirit is heated enough (takes about five minutes), a clear vapor appears within the globe. A straw is then inserted into the globe and the vapors inhaled.

For best effects, vapors should be inhaled deeply, held for a few seconds, and then exhaled.

 Instructions for Vaportini

The company’s site describes the Vaportini as “simple, natural, and enjoyable:

Vaportini provides a revolutionary way of consuming alcohol. It is inhaled rather than swallowed, smooth and flavorful, and the subtleties of the individual liquors used are apparent. It is absorbed directly into the bloodstream. The advantage is no calories, no impurities and the effects are immediately felt; so it’s easier to responsibly imbibe.

I describe it as flipping awesome.

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