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How to turn a paper airplane into an all-out drone

Little upgrade turns paper creation into kick-ass plane

Drones are all up in the news lately and pretty soon, you might be able to afford to have them in your home too. All you need is a piece of paper and a Power Up 3.0.

Close up of Power Up 3.0

The purpose of the pack is to power up and steer a paper plane with your phone (iOS only for now). Specifically, the motor on the front propels the plane forward and a remote controlled tail allows you to steer the jet to whatever kind of landing you can pull off.

Power Up 3.0 Airplane

Power Up 3.0 for sale

Power Up 3.0 doesn’t launch officially till the Fall, but it’s already creating a ton of buzz on the interwebs and if it performs half as well as it looks like it will, chances are, this’ll probably make for a pretty popular stocking stuffer.

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