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Haze weather app is simple, beautiful, and worth the download

New weather app provides users with beautiful audio-visual experience to weather forecasting

Haze weather app

Haze is building up some web-cred right now and deservedly so — the new weather app (iOS-only) combines simple information with fluid animations for an addicting audiovisual experience that makes it difficult to not want to check the weather 50 times a day.

Screenshot of Haze weather app

Where most weather apps provide long lists of data points on what the weather is / will be doing in your area, Haze provides quick-hit points between three screens that focus on the essentials only: hours of sun, temperature, chance of precipitation, and the expected trend for each one.

Three screens for Haze weather app

When the user taps down on any of these numbers, the app expands the view of that particular data point with even more details. A good case-in-point: if the user were to tap, say, the temperature, Haze would show the expected high temperature for the day as well as the low, what it actually feels like, and wind speed / direction.

It’s simple. It’s straightforward. And it’s beautiful. It kind of reminds me of simple, straightforward, beautiful portable speaker I know of — but I digress. Want to learn more about the Haze before downloading it to your phone? See it in action in the video below:

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