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Coldplay crowdsourcing their next music video for charity

Band taking to the Web to enlist the support of their fans and combat land grabs


Maybe Coldplay’s not your cup of tea. Maybe you have a poster of Chris Martin hanging on the ceiling above your bed. Either which way, what they’re doing now is worth the next 30 seconds of your attention:

The British band was recently enlisted by Oxfam, an international organization that works to fight poverty and injustice the world over, to be part of a new campaign called Oxfam GROW. The purpose behind the campaign is to persuade the World Bank to take a leading role in fighting land grabs.

Land grab

For those unfamiliar with land grabs, the term more or less refers to the large-scale acquisitions of property, wherein companies, governments and well-to-do individuals buy up huge pieces of land in poor, developing countries. When they do this, they displace the people already living on the land, without any sort of compensation or voice in the matter.

Coldplay is helping Oxfam out with their cause by creating a crowd-sourced music video set to an acoustic recording of their uber-popular song, “In My Place”.

In My Place film

The band is asking for fan submissions that echo the theme of displacement. Specifically, they’re asking that fans submit videos and photographs that show them doing something they’d normally do at home in a completely wrong place (e.g. shaving at the bus stop).

The video is being directed by Mat Whitecross, who explains, “I wanted to create the feeling of people being out of place in order to illustrate the suffering that so many people experience because of land grabs.”

Fans can go to the “In My Place” site to submit their film and photos up until March 20th. After that, Whitecross will take all of the submissions and stitch them together to make an exclusive video to play with the song.

Promo for the project below:

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