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Projector aligns your billiards shots in real time

Technology makes anyone an expert billiards player

Cheating or having a good time?

A group of students out of the good ol’ University of the Algarve (Portugal) have created a “smart” projector called Pool Live Aid that predicts in real time the direction of your next billiards shot.

Pool Live Aid example

While the projector is hanging above the table, it’s actively analyzing the position of the billiard ball against lines that correspond to the relations of the cue. It then shines a light path on to the table itself to show what it believes will be the projection of the ball.

Without getting overtly complicated in the “how?”, the lines themselves are based on an algorithm the group created which basically tracks and analyzes the ball’s position. A computer is hooked up to the projector, so everything is constantly being updated (as opposed to having to plug in the data following every shot).

Group that created Pool Live Aid

Pool Live Aid was created as part of a final project for a class one of the team member’s was taking. It has since been so well received that the entire group will be presenting the technology at the WSCG conference in the Czech Republic next month.

Demo video of Pool Live Aid below:

5 comments on “Projector aligns your billiards shots in real time

  1. Thanks for sharing such relevant information about billiards. Learn how much control you can safely retain, and how and hard and soft you can hit from medium stance/medium bridge distance, and then move your feet instead of your hands and cue stick before assuming a full, complete stance, to modify to shoot softly (and also hard).

  2. This was created as prototype for a class. Honestly they did very well but if someone was to invest in this the benefit is not as great as you would think…..Stroke is everything in a game of billiards, the computer is only a before and after tracking system AROUND the actual point of impact with the cue and cue ball. Think about it.

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