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Lamborghini comes out with beautiful, ridiculously priced bike

Bike is beautiful, but the price is astronomical

Hide yo wallets! Hide yo checkbooks! Hid yo credit cards! Lamborghini has come out with a bike and upon first glance you’ll want to buy it, but we must warn you — 99.999999% of the people reading this post likely won’t be able to afford it.

Lamborghini Anniversary Edition impec bike

The bike is the Lamborghini 50th Anniversary Edition impec, and it’s a custom-made piece of genius on two wheels.

BMC racing and Lamborghini bike

The bike features high-end Italian components supported by a Swiss-made carbon fiber impec frame.

Impec bike by Lamborghini and BMC

Lambo designed this bike with partner BMC Racing. The two companies released a statement stating that they’ll only be producing 50 bikes in total. Each one will be made to order, though, and orders can be placed either through your local Lamborghini dealer or through BMC Switzerland direct.

Oh, and before I forget, the price for each one of these bikes is $32,500.

But hey, one of our portable speakers sure would look nice on it, right?

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