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Augmented reality windshields to be introduced in future cars

New technology will bring streaming data to all of tomorrow’s vehicles

It’s time to play everyone’s favorite game — Will This Get You Killed or Not?! Today’s technology is augmented reality windshields.

AR windshield by Harman

The concept’s been pitched around between a bunch of AR developers, but Harman’s is among the first to introduce a viable product, making a case for it at the Geneva Motor show.

Harman’s augmented reality windshield puts information at the driver’s eye level instead of on the dashboard and off the road. The display is interactive and gets updated as the driver continues through their travels, including information like speed, distance between cars, weather, navigation, incoming calls, and more.

Harman’s augmented reality windshield

The point of it is to keep the driver’s eyes on the road the whole time. To interact with the system, like say reject a call, change between information feed, etc., the driver simply waves their hand and the technology’s sensors react to the movement.

It’s interesting, but is it safe? Check out the video below and then let us know your thoughts in the comments below:

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