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Kickstarter project tickles the spine with the beats of your favorite song

Back massager gives new meaning to feeling the music

SubPac audio technology

Toronto-based Studiofeed has just launched one of the more fascinating pieces of music technology we’ve ever come across. Their product is called the SubPac and it’s a backrest with audio interface designed to transmit bass frequencies through actual physical contact with the user.

Designed to mimic club-level bass intensities, the SubPac has a frequency response of 5Hz to 130Hz.

In layman’s terms, what headphones are to speakers, the SubPac is to subwoofers.

Granted, upon first glance of this thing it seems cheap and gimmicky, but a couple of artists have gotten behind the product, willing to test it out, including Mala, Kode 9, and more.

SubPac in studio

Furthermore, as the group writes on their Kickstarter page:

This is not a simple ‘vibration device.’ It’s more like a quiet, high-end sub-woofer that generates a dynamic, rich and accurate tactile representation of whatever sound you input – whether from your favorite tracks, games or movies.

The SubPac stays completely silent the entire time it’s being used. There’s no crossover frequency either. It’s also extremely versatile—the SubPac can be hooked up to a range of audio sources, including an MP3 player, mixing board, musical instrument, game console, computer, and more).

The SubPac is obviously for a very limited audience, but it does present the very unique capability of satisfying said audience’s desire to “feel” the music without getting the cops called on them time after time.

SubPac promotional clip below:

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