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Top 10 pieces of wearable technology

Companies are taking their gadgets out of pockets and incorporating them into clothing instead

Skateboarder wearing portable speaker

The days of carrying your gadgets and gizmos in your pockets are quickly coming to a close. On the horizon – technology that you can wear. There are already some gadgets, like our Bluetooth portable speakers, which have long been established as wearable tech, but there are other companies like, say, Apple with their expected iWatch, that are just now throwing their hats into the ring for this hot new market.

Here are 10 wearable pieces of technology that are either already on the market or are scheduled to soon hit the shelves that you should definitely know about.



Sleep monitor that you wear at night and will wake you only when it’s most optimal—aka not when you’re in a deep sleep. What’s more, it’ll actually vibrate when it’s time to get up so you don’t wake up your significant other / one night stand / dog or cat.

Amico bracelet


Bracelet that connects users to relevant people in their lives. Hook up all of your social profiles under this gadget’s app, which reads through posts, likes, re-tweets, etc., and makes up a list of general interests. Then, when a user passes by a stranger who is also wearing the Amicov, it vibrates and an LED light shines to let them know that their interests match up and they could be best friends for life.



This one’s good for healthy living. It’s an easy to apply blood pressure sensor that gets placed on the femoral artery to monitor one’s intravascular system.

Memoto camera


Wearable camera snaps a photograph every 30 seconds to candidly capture whatever you’re doing throughout the day.

Stealth Wear scarf

Stealth Wear

More or less, it’s an anti-drone scarf made from metalized fabric. It reflects heat which, in turn, masks the wearer from thermal imaging surveillance.



Wristband that monitors exposure to the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. The UVeBand vibrates when it’s time to reapply sunscreen and self charges via solar power.



From Durex – yes, the condom maker – comes this vibrating underwear for him and her that lets you literally reach out and “touch” your loved one when separated. App has points that you touch which vibrate the corresponding points in your lover’s underwear.

Boombot Speaker

Boombot Portable Speaker

Not to beat our own chests here, but we can’t overlook the industry’s most durable and easily portable Bluetooth speaker. Includes a snap clip for wearing anywhere on your outfit, which allows for the easy transportation of your entire music library while you’re riding, running, hiking, camping, and whatever else you outdoors’y people like to do.

Google Glass

Google Glass

One of the more heavily buzzed about pieces of wearable technology, this set of smart glasswear brings all of the capabilities of one’s smartphone and puts literally front and center on the user’s face.

Apple iWatch

Apple’s iWatch

If Apple is able to pull this off, they just might be able to make the seemingly impossible leap from their iPhone to a new device worth getting excited about. It’s basically everything that’s awesome about all of their current gadgetry, but it fits on a user’s wrist. That means we could one day see a scenario where Boombot customers are able to scan and switch through songs on their Bluetooth speaker through this device. Awesome level: AMAZEBALLS

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  1. Hi, this is Niclas from Memoto. Thanks for writing about our company! We’re getting close to shipping the Memoto camera to the market and we appreciate your support! If you (this blog or its readers) have any questions – please don’t hesitate to reach out through twitter, facebook, web, etc!

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