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Is Radio Shack selling Beats Vibrators Now?

Radio Shack Ad Beats Pill Wireless Speaker

sex sells in the struggle for attention

With hundreds of portable speakers on the market, the competition for shelf space and the mindshare of consumers has increased.  Big companies are spending big money to put together ads in an attempt to differentiate and distinguish themselves as the best portable speaker.  In advertising, marketing dollars go the farthest by creating campaigns that get people’s attention and get them talking about you.  One thing has always remained constant: SEX SELLS.  Or does it?

Last year our company released an ad demonstrating a girl using our Boombot REX to give herself a wireless orgasm.  It for sure got the reach we were expecting, but we also pissed off some retailers.  We realized that the juice wasn’t worth the squeeze so we ended up pulling the video down from our Youtube.  That’s not stopping Radio Shack and Boom Movement.

radioshack gets desperate for attention

Radio Shack recently put an ad together with scantily clad girls in nurse outfits using the Beats Pill as a phallic symbol, a hot dog, a work out device, and some weird thing that rests on a hot girls back.  WTF?

AdWeek described the ad as

“An unhip, balding, middle-aged dude desperately trying to prove he’s down with the kids”


I couldn’t agree more.  There isn’t a clear message.  It’s not clever, witty, or insightful.  It doesn’t instill any sense of desire.  I can’t even tell what they are selling.  This is the result of putting your creative direction in the hands of a drunk frat house.  Radio Shack is ranked amongst the worst performing retailers in the nation.  This isn’t going to help.  They have amassed nearly a million hits so people are at least spreading the word about how bad this is.

is masturbation the boom movement?

That seems to be the case with this ad for the Boom Movement Urchin.  Beyond the awful abrasive “I wanna be cool” dubstep garbage music, there is a little more credit to the way this ad starts.  It grabbed my attention.  Once again, it was bad enough that I’m happy to show it to my friends.  It for sure reminded me of the Benny Benassi Satisfaction video, but I’m not sure that anything in this ad makes me think that this is a practical product to own.  If you company’s name is Boom Movement, you probably should avoid trying the brand to masturbation already.

If you’re going to spend a bunch of money on production of an ad, take some time to think about what kind of feeling you are creating.  Consumers of today are smarter than ever. Their bullshit meters are more sensitive and you should be careful not to tip that meter like these ads. The second you use caked up supermodels in a white room, you are for sure heading down that path. If you’re going to make your audience laugh, make sure they are laughing with you and not at you.

The portable speaker market has gotten really saturated in the last two years.  We’ve acknowledged this and really tried to put an emphasis on realism.  We look to build trust with our customers  and we give them exactly what we promise.  May the best portable speaker win.

4 comments on “Is Radio Shack selling Beats Vibrators Now?

  1. Oh my god those ads are so stupid! Way too over the top and they don’t even explain anything about the product! Super unsexy and just a waste of time!

  2. Radio Shack is called something else here in Ontario now. I wasn’t shopping there much before now, their prices tend to be too high. But, this sure does not make me want to shop there at all. Sex sells type of ads turn me off.

  3. At least these products don’t look like they were designed by a colorblind 12 year old (Boombot) or a generic off the shelf “your logo here” except you forgot the logo (Boombot Rex). Also, your guys stuff makes no bass. Reviewing your much more popular competitor’s product in a desperate grab to get more page views… classy guys, classy.

  4. Says the guy that calls himself “Dre”. Why don’t you find something else that looks like a Boombot REX and let us know buddy. This post has nothing to do with reviewing a speaker. It’s about really really bad advertising.

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