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Why bikers shouldn’t wear headphones

Buds or Beats, headphones pose a problem for the two wheeling road warrior

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Sure, doing a write-up on why headphones are bad for bikers on the blog for a portable speaker manufacturer might seem a bit, well, cliché, but I assure you, I’m not going to stand atop my soapbox here with the message that we should all shed ourselves of our Apple Earbuds and Dre Beats. (Okay, maybe just the latter based solely on style preferences).

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Instead, I want to point out something I saw this past weekend while out running. I was going down the side of the road and saw on the opposite side a biker rocking a one-piece Postal Service leotard and Earbuds approaching at Tour de France speeds.

As he got closer, I saw a car speed from around the corner and as it approached the rider, it made a sudden jerk move towards the bike to try and spook the poor guy. Unfortunately, it worked, and the two twenty-somethings in the front of their car were laughing their asses off when they saw the biker nearly drive his bike into the road curb trying to avoid the vehicle.

While douchebag drivers are unavoidable, what could’ve helped the guy out was if he had not been wearing headphones while riding. He had absolutely no idea these guys were coming up from behind, even though they were driving a VW that sounded like it had a clown horn attached to its muffler. Just that little bit of auditory indication would’ve better prepared him that something was coming up at him from behind.

Like I said, I’m not going to say that we should get rid of our headphones, but if you’re going to be doing something like biking on a main road, I’d recommend attaching a portable speaker to either your clothing, backpack, or handlebar.

What’s great is that all of our portable speakers are made for doing this, plus we have a super-cheap handlebar mounted speaker kit that makes things super easy and secure to get the speaker on and stay on while you’re riding. It’s a great alternative to headphones and truly provides today’s biker with the utmost level of safety.

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The benefits of biking without headphones and with one of our portable speaker instead are two-fold: the music you’re listening to still sounds crystal clear, and you still have your peripheral hearing, so you’re aware of the environment around you, which keeps you safe.

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