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Riders can listen to different music at the same time with new audio system design

Speaker system creates independent listening zones in same vehicle

Catering to all the audiophiles out there, check this cool study out: researchers at the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research have created an audio reproduction system that can generate separate audio zones, if you will, for the front and back seat areas of a car.

Car music

Specifically, the system isolates passengers in the back from hearing what those in the front are listening to by way of hitting certain frequencies and positioning the speakers in different spots throughout the car.

Car dashboard

The system uses normal car speakers, all set at low frequencies and placed in the car doors. Another set of small loudspeakers are added to the vehicle, and mounted to the four headrest spots to, more or less, drive the audio towards the passengers in the back and fence them off from hearing what’s being played up front.

Speaker sound waves

The system is still in development—researchers plan on next exploring the effect of the type of audio program on the system performance. You know, in case the driver up front wants to listen to Daft Punk’s Get Lucky up front but the country-loving folk in the back want to listen to some Blake Shelton instead.

The audio system design is being formally presented at the 21st International Congress on Acoustics, which is taking place this week in Monteal.

Ok, done geeking out now.

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