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Beck’s turns beer bottle into phonograph

Project combines the best of both worlds – beer and music

Here at the home of the world’s best ultraportable speaker, we love nothing more than music and beer. Actually, check that—we love it even more when they’re put together.

Portable speaker and beer

Ultraportable speaker

Portable speaker for reading

That’s what makes this little project by Beck’s Beer so friggin awesome. The German Pilsner brew crew there got together with creative agency Shine Limited and Gyro Constructivists to reinvent Edison’s cylindrical version of the phonograph using the brewery’s green beer bottle as the source of sound.

Beck's phonograph

A specially-built record-cutting tool was created by the Gyro group, which used a hard-drive recording head to carve some sound grooves on to the side of the Beck’s beer bottle. They then made adjustments to Edison’s original cylinder player using some more modern-day electronics that made the device perform and sound a lot better than it did in the past.

Beck's beer bottle being carved

When the phonograph is turned on, it plays New Zealand-based indie rock band Ghost Wave’s single, “Here She Comes.” Pretty awesome, right? The device was first demonstrated at SemiPermenant, an event for artists and designers, last month.

See the Beck’s phonograph in action below:

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