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Best Swimming Pools in the World

designboom-best-pools-in-the-world-02 The infinity pool has become synonymous with success and wealth in the world of luxury amenities. Designboom recently published this piece with some of the most stunning swimming pools in the world. It’s clearly not enough to have the track home with the pool in the back yard. Having a pool that compliments the clean architecture of the house trumps the old kidney bean shape. Also be sure to have elevation with an epic view. I wouldn’t mind finding my way into lounging with several supermodels and my Boombot playing Puff Daddy’s All About the Benjamins. 

designboom-best-pools-in-the-world-01b designboom-best-pools-in-the-world-02b designboom-best-pools-in-the-world-03 designboom-best-pools-in-the-world-05b

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