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This sound system could kill you

European Space Agency shows off its killer sound system

Think you have a killer sound system? I did, until I saw the behemoth speaker that the European Space Agency is using.

ESA ESTEC Noordwijk

Located in Noordwijk, the Netherlands, what you see above is referred to as the Large European Acoustic Facility, or LEAF for short. Basically, it’s a super-giant chamber designed not so much to blast Skrillex, but rather, test out a satellite’s audio durability.


Specifically, the 36 (wide) x 54 (tall) x 30 (deep) foot room is used to subject satellites to the same noise that a launcher produces during takeoff and as it flies through the atmosphere. How loud is that you ask? When nitrogen is shot through its horns, the room is able to produce a sound exceeding 154 decibels — equivalent to standing next to a couple of jets as they take off.


“No human being could survive hearing it at maximum output,” the Agency stated.

Well, no kidding! The good news is they don’t know this from experience—the room’s horns won’t sound off if the chamber door is open. Added safety measures include steel-reinforced concrete walls that are covered with resin and rubber pads so as to help isolate the chamber from its surroundings.

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