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Just in time for summer: Tips on getting sand, dirt and water out of your phone

You bring your phone everywhere—know how to protect it

It’s summer, which means a majority of us will now be spending a majority of our time outdoors, living it up under the sun.


While long days at the beach, lake, and poolside might lie ahead of us, one thing you want to avoid is having to spend hours at your local phone repair shop getting your device fixed because of a little sand, dirt or water got in it.


Boombotix users are especially prone to this due to the fact that the speakers are Bluetooth capable and extremely durable. They go everywhere and anywhere with their users, and while they’re designed to take a beating and keep on ticking, today’s iPhone or Galaxy S5 phones are not, and are quick to stop when exposed to some outdoor elements.

If you get some grime in your device this summer, don’t fret! Here are some quick tips on fixing it up, mostly drawn on personal experience.

How to get sand out of your phone


Before you shake it and bang the phone against your hand, in an attempt to knock the sand loose, you might want to first get your hands on a can of compressed air. For just a buck at your local dollar store, this can is a lifesaver. Prior to using , though, make sure to turn your device before you start cleaning it.

If you come across a grain that’s particularly hard to remove, go for the opposite approach and try a vacuum with a small crevice tool to see if you can suck it out.

How to remove dirt from your phone


You can, more or less, take the same approach as the “removing sand” approach described above, but something else you can do is take a little bit of scotch tape, roll it up, and press against the dirty area. The stickiness of the tape will lift a majority of the dirt out of any tightly packed crevices. Anything left behind can be picked up with a dry micro fiber cloth or one that is slightly dampened (not soaking).

Piece of advice: don’t ever use a shower or paper towel. These materials will not pick up the dirt but instead push it along, which could risk scratching your phone’s surface.

How to remove water from your phone


When removing water from your phone, the key is timing: you have to be quick to react. As soon as you pick your phone out of the ocean, lake or pool, lay it on a towel and immediately remove the battery or SIM card. Next, if you have access to it, lay the phone in a bowl or bag of rice or Rice Krispies. Often dispelled as an old wive’s tale sort of solution, this method does in fact work (I can speak from experience), but the effect is not immediate. You have to leave the device in the bowl, surrounded by the food overnight, or up to a day or two.

Eventually, the water is absorbed out and into the surrounding rice, or it otherwise dries up on its own.

So there you have it — if you plan on using your smartphone with one of our Bluetooth portable speakers at the beach, lake, or pool this summer, you’re now prepared to fix it should an accident happen.

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