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Bluetooth Portable Speaker Showdown



We have received a ton of questions about acoustic performance of the Boombot REX stacking up against competing products.  Talk is cheap, so instead we’ve decided to make the ultimate showdown to lay it all out there pure and simple.  We’ve gathered the top 3 wireless portable speakers on the market and put them head to head.

The Gear

All of the portable speakers tested incorporated dual drivers and a passive radiator.  Each speaker is tested playing over Bluetooth.  This was the major prerequisite for the category test.  Below you can see the three models in the test.  From left to right you have the blue Outdoor Technologies Turtle Shell is a slightly larger unit shaped… well… like a turtle shell.  In the center, the Boombot REX is the ultra compact model with emphasis on power to size ratio.    On the right, the Jawbone features a sleek design with high end finishes in a brick-shaped structure.

Wireless portable speakers

We shot this pic just to give you a sense of form factor between the three designs. The Boombot REX is the smallest in every dimension. The Jawbone is slightly longer than the Turtle Shell, but overall maintains a more slender girth.


  1. Outdoor Technologies Turtle Shell: 140mm (L) x 89mm(W) x 64mm(H) 340 grams
  2. Boombot REX: 85mm (W) x 80mm (H) x 52mm (D)/ 169 grams
  3. Jawbone Jambox: 151mm (L) x 57mm (W) x 40mm (D)/ 347 grams

The Boombot REX is significantly lighter than the Jambox and the Turtle Shell.  This is the result of meticulous design in component spacing and placement.  The Jambox and Turtle Shell boast larger passive radiators but similar size speaker drivers.

The Acoustic Test

In our experiment, we positioned each speaker at a two-foot distance from our decibel meter.  Primary drivers were be aimed directly at the measurement device.  We used a frequency generator app called Sound Check. We ran some frequency sweeps from lows, mids and highs to demonstrate performance across the full audible spectrum.

We also did a more qualitative analysis by playing a 320kbps MP3 file on each of the three speakers.  We used a song that we felt had a wide range of sounds to demonstrate performance across a full range of frequencies.  We chose Coffee Break by Zeds Dead.

Wireless Portable Speaker Frequency Response

This diagram shows recorded frequency response of all three speakers. The Jawbone has distinctly more low-end amplitude. The Boombot REX dominates past 4000Hz. The Turtle Shell stays close on most frequencies, but really demonstrates a drop-off at the 2kHz and beyond 6.4Khz.

If you’d like to watch video of our test and measurement procedure, feel free to comment.  It is pretty straightforward, raw, unedited #nerdlife.  In any case, we hope it gives you the satisfaction that we are conducting an fair experiment.

 The Conclusion

While the airtight housing and large passive radiator of the Jambox boosted its way into having pronounced bass response, the Boombot REX performed very well at higher frequencies.  The Outdoor Technologies Turtle Shell was outperformed on all fronts in audio performance.  In an outdoor environment, loudness becomes just as important as clarity, and this test clearly demonstrates that the Boombot REX can deliver incredible punch in a very compact form factor.

The amount of time that we’ve spent refining the Boombot REX acoustics has really paid off.  The leap in technology we’ve made enables us to do new things with Ultraportable audio and we hope that you can enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Stay tuned next week as we will be doing a full demonstration of the Boombot REX Siri compatibility.

bluetooth speaker hardware eyecandy

Boombot REX Pitch Black Boombot REX rear view Jawbone Jambox Wireless Speaker Jawbone Jambox Topview Turtle Shell Speaker Bottom TurtleShell speaker topview


One comment on “Bluetooth Portable Speaker Showdown

  1. Wow, the author ought to Google “frequency response” before posting about it. The range shown on the published chart is ridiculously narrow – it doesn’t even show low enough to cover a trombone’s range. And I’m sorry, but this chart shows the Jambox blowing way the other two products. The turtle thing is probably second best, though both it and the REX are pretty terrible.

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