Behringer unveils 8-foot iNuke Boom iPod dock, goes consumer with Eurosound brand

iNuke Boom


OK so we THOUGHT we were going to have the loudest gadgets at CES.  Think AGAIN.  This monstrosity we found on Engadget takes the cake for absurdly large sound docks.  This IS America and things are BIG.

You can probably barely make it out in the image above, but there is actually an iPod touch mounted in that monstrosity. What you’re looking at is the 8-foot wide, 4-foot tall, $30,000 iNuke Boom iPod dock from Behringer. At over 700 pounds and pumping out an inhumane 10,000 watts of deafening audio, the iNuke Boom is ready for its big public debut at the gadget circus that we call CES in January. We just hope that Everki shows up with that giant backpack from 2010’s expo so we can lug home a review unit. Behringer will also be unveiling around 50 new products under its new consumer electronics sub-brand, Eurosound. But, we know you really just want more of the world’s loudest iPod dock (to go along with your World’s Largest Backpack) — so head after the break for another pair of images and some PR.

Ultimate Neo-Retro Speaker

There is something kind of refreshing about this old school speaker horn.  Maybe it’s not the most practical piece, but we could see this being the sound dock for grandpa/grandma with an iPhone (if we didn’t give him a Boombotix BB1 of course).  The MegaPhone speaker by designers Isabella Lovero and Enrico Bosa brings a bold statement to music listening. A handcrafted ceramic horn accentuates the amplifier’s striking look.

Via Etre.

Fresh & New: BB1 & BB2 getting revamped from the inside out!

Our BB1 and BB2 have all officially been upgraded! We’ve added a capacitor to both the BB1 and BB2, increasing the volume by 5 dB- making them louder than ever before!

And it just keeps getting better: all of our BB1’s now have volume control (like the BB2) so you can pump up the jams or keep it on the low with ease!! We’ve also reenforced the aux cable input (similar to iPhone 4 design) to withstand loosening from the demands of your lifestyle. The BB1 & BB2 are looking and sounding like HOT FIRE!

Our newest BB1 color is inspired by the Fall season. Retro Orange is our newest color, it’s got a sweet checkered grill giving it an old school look that’s got style and swagger. Click the image to learn more!

And it’s not just the BB1’s with new colors, we are dropping two new and limited edition BB2 colors. For the speed freaks, we’re offering the limited edition CARBON FIBER BB2, and for those who live life in stealth mode we’ve got the CAMO limited edition BB2. They will be shipping in early November and will sell out QUICK, so head over to our website to pre-order and reserve yours NOW. Click the image to get after it!

So there you have it. New Colors, Better Sound, More Durable! High Fives all around!


-Your friends at Boombotix

How to Bluetooth your SB1

sony drc-bt15 with portable speaker


For those of you that like to wear pants without underwear, or ride your bike bareback, then you might also enjoy the luxury of having a bluetooth enabled SkullyBoom SB1.  There have been rumors floating about that we’re building an SB2 with Bluetooth, but who’s to say if that’s all just gossip.

Audio Fidelity

The Sony DRC-BT15 is a sleek little bluetooth receiver specifically designed for transmitting audio in high fidelity.  Maintaining audio quality was by far our biggest concern once we went wireless, and I’m happy to say that the Bluetooth 2.0 used on this device rocks!  The difference between plugging the SB1 directly to your MP3 and using streaming bluetooth was just a SMIDGEN less bass.  Aside from that, we were thoroughly impressed with the clarity.

Control Interface

We used the Sony DRC-BT15 in conjunction with the iPhone.  It was really simple to pair the devices, but the control interface is just a tad less than ideal.  Once paired, you can no longer control the volume of the device using the iPhone.  You have to use the little toggle on the receiver to control the volume, which was a little bummer because that would have really made the iPhone have full remote functionality.  Also, we weren’t able to skip through tracks using the bluetooth device, so one way or another, you have to have access to all the gizmos for complete control.

Answering Phone Calls

The DRC-BT15 includes a built on microphone so you can pick up your phone calls in the middle of your music.  At first this really excited us because we thought the SB1 would make a killer speakerphone.  It works, but we found that our friends were a bit annoyed when the mic picked up their own voice.  That said, it works, but you better let your friends know when they’re on speaker phone.

Other stuff to know

The Sony DRC-BT15 comes with a desktop dock for charging its internal lithium battery which lasts about 5 hours with music playback and 80 hours on standby.  Pretty ideal since it lasts about as long as the SB1 does.  The Sony device also includes a nice little clip so you can fasten it to your clothing which also makes it compliment the SB1 nicely.  The DRC-BT15 is available at Amazon for $65 (which is about half the SRP).

The Verdict

The Sony DRC-BT15 is a great little device with sleek construction and design.  If you are frequently traveling and using the SB1 while doing sports, you will certainly appreciate the freedom it gives you.



So that’s it… the SB1 is sold out and for those that didn’t get in on the action, you might have to work just a little bit harder, or wait a little bit longer.

So far it’s been a fun ride hanging out with our friends in Mammoth, Tahoe, Davis, and LA, but from now until our next shipment in June, you can pre-order an SB1 of our website, but if you gotta have it NOW, you can track one down with any one of our retailers near you.  Below is a list of retailers carrying the SB1.  Stores have a very limited inventory, so  you may want to give ‘em a ring and have them put one on hold.

Here is a list of retailers with the SB1 in stock


Mission Bikes, 766 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA 94110, Ph: 415-621-5221

Bike Attack, 2400 Main St., Santa Monica, CA, Ph: 310-581-8014

Ken’s Bike and Ski, 650 G Street, Davis, CA 95616, Ph: 530-758-3225

Dragatomi, 2317 J Street, Sacramento, CA, Ph: 916-706-0635

Maintain, 3320 West Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA, Ph: 323-906-9257

District Board Shop, 12015 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90066 Ph: 310-391-9430

Culpepper’s Books, 825 Russell Blvd., Davis, CA 95616 Ph: 530-759-1908

Solano Ave. Cyclery, 1554 Solano Ave, Albany, CA, Ph: 510-524-1094

NC Board Shop, Los Gatos, CA Ph: 408-358-6070

P3, Main St. and Minaret, Mammoth, CA Ph: 760-934-9500

Wave Rave, 3203 Main St., Mammoth Lakes, CA Ph: 1-866-3BOARDS


Eternal Board Shop, 235 Plumb Lane, Reno, NV


Art Whino, 173 Waterfront St., National Harbor, MD, Ph: 301-567-8210


Scooter and Jinx, 23 High St., Hastings, England, Ph: +0142 471 9410