Boombotix HYPE Ride Mix


Are you going the distance? Are you going for speed? Are you all alone in a time of need? Well lucky for you we’ve curated this delightful ride mix engineered specifically, for providing you a 10% increase in horsepower for your next ride. “Ride what!?”, you ask? Anything! Whether it’s a horse, bike, skateboard, a paddleboard, or an elephant, this mix should set the right mood for your next adventure.

Thanks for listening and let us know what kind of music you want to hear next. We often post our mixes on our Facebook page if you want to get the low down.

Hobbyist creates laser cutter that can make playable music records out of wood

Tech-savvy hobbyist uses modern-day technology to deliver new form of playback

It seems like the creative world has a thing for music records of late. Just a few weeks ago, we covered a story on designers who created an interchangeable, color-wheel based music record, and a few days ago, a post went up about Third Man Records releasing their limited edition, precious metal-based Gatsby soundtrack LPs.

Gatsby limited edition records

This week’s story comes from Instructables, where employee Amanda Ghassaei has reported her development of a laser cutter that carves grooves and tiny bumps into all sorts of materials, including paper, acrylic, and even wood, for the purpose of making music records.

wooden records amanda ghassaei
Wooden grooves and bumps

Laser cut wooden record

Rather than try and re-word what she’s done, here’s how she described the project, verbatim from her site:

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Band made entirely of LEGO figures rocks out hard

Toys programmed to play various electronic instruments sounds good, looks great

LEGO rock band

Not sure if this is inspiring or if it instead speaks more so to the fact that Italian music producer Giuseppe Acito has too much time on his hands.

The one thing that is for sure is that the video accompanying this story is thoroughly entertaining.

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Recap of 2013 SF Music Tech Summit – Winter

The SF Music Tech Summit takes place twice a year at the lovely Kabuki Hotel in Japantown.  Industry professionals from music, technology and finance come together to put together a series of panels that draw insight from what is going on in the music industry.  Technology is effecting the way artists interact with their fans in both the online and offline world.  We grabbed interviews from entrepreneurs and representatives of BitTorrent, DropCam, Gigit and more to get the inside scoop on where this fast paced ever-changing industry is going.

One thing seems to remain a consistent theme.  The people want to defend the artists.  The very same people that illegally download content DO actually want to help artists get paid.  Smart artists are creating a multitude of revenue streams and leveraging technology to build stronger relationships with their fans.  Now that same technology is leveling the playing field and creating a more sustainable career path for more artists.  That’s cool.

What do you think are going to be the biggest changes in music technology and fan interaction this year?

Outsidelands + bicycles + Levi’s = fun.

Outside Lands is more than just a festival – it’s a lifestyle. This festy experience magnifies beyond the spicy guitar licks, booty shaking bass and stunning vocals, it’s meant to give you a taste of what San Francisco is in all of its glory. From recycled art, farmers markets, urban gardening and grubbing down with the local eateries, this experience wouldn’t be complete without our favorite mode of transportation – bicycles!

This year’s free bike valet will be provided courtesy of Levi’s, who will also be pimping your bike out with free tune-ups and bike washes as well! Levi’s recently released a very chill line of bicycle commuter wear (check out the line here) and they’re also hosting  “Golden Sprints” at the festival. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Golden Sprints, anyone who can ride a bike can participate. In a nutshell: you race on a stationary bike that are set up to gauge how far and fast you are, whoever goes the fastest for a certain amount of distance wins sweet prizes such as swag from Mission Bicycle Bompanybags from Mission Workshop, bikes from Globe and speakers from the best portable speaker company ever, yours truly.

DOPE RIGHT?! The races will be taking place in the Levi’s tent at Eco Lands this weekend so be sure to come and check it out! Spandex is highly encouraged.