Vintage boombox used to play 12-inch vinyls

Amazing to see how people used to listen to music on the go

If you’re here, then you’re already familiar with our wide line of ridiculously loud portable speakers. And if that’s the case, then you’re about to be amazed by this little antique nugget we were able to dig up.

Sharp VZ-2000 boombox

This behemoth of a contraption is a Sharp VZ-2000 boombox from 1982. It predates music streaming, MP3 files, and CDs. Instead, yesterday’s hipsters would toss this bad boy on their shoulders to play cassette tapes and — if you take a close look — that’s right, 12-inch vinyl disks.

Sharp VZ-2000 boombox record player

Bad ass? You betcha. But what makes this particular record player jaw-dropping awesome is not so much the fact that a record placed in it can be played standing vertical, but the fact that it features a linear tracking vertical turntable, allowing the user to play both sides of a record without ever having to take it out and flip it over.

Check out this treasured piece in action below: