Boombotix Explains Custom Speaker Program


If you are looking to develop custom portable speakers, you may have come across some of the Boombotix projects over the years. Some of the top artists and musicians trust Boombotix with their brand identity. The use Boombotix because they know the sound is great and the quality is the best in the game. In this article, we are going to explain some of the various printing technologies that we use to achieve a wide variety of custom speaker effects. 

Boombotix uses a wide variety of print technologies to give us the ultimate versatility, speed and quality in all of our custom products.


This method utilizes specially configured printers that can quickly lay down high resolution imagery onto metal surfaces. Digital printing on custom speaker projects are great when users are looking to do designs on just the flat speaker grill with a high level of detail. Digital printing has fast turnaround time in under one week.


Leverages a heat press to evaporate ink permanently onto a specially treated grill. This method is extremely durable and great for projects under 1000 pieces. The process works very similar to the way some t-shirts are pressed, however the metal has to be specially coated with a thermal paint to be able to accept the ink.

A common question is what is the benefit of digital printing versus sublimation. It is fairly subtle, but the sublimation process takes about double the amount of time/labor. On the flip-side, sublimation tends to provide a modestly more durable coating.

Water Transfer

This technique is used for creating patterns/wraps around the product. It is typically only reserved for larger scale projects exceeding 1000 pieces as the film creation is challenging. The film is immersed in a chemical that essentially liquifies the film into paint. The parts are dipped into the paint before drying and curing. We have a massive library of textures available, or we can also make custom films from any digital file.

Here are some examples of projects we’ve done an their various printing requirements.

Speaker Printing Types

If you are interested in making a custom speaker for your own brand, company or gifting program, please don’t hesitate to shoot us an email.

Boombotix Launches HYBRID Audio Headphones on Kickstarter


After two years in the making and about five years doodling on napkins, we’re finally dropping a headphone line. Even though Boombotix has always been about speakers, I still find myself using headphones frequently. There are some key limitations in headphones that I wanted to address. The problem with headphones is they inherently isolate users from their surroundings. It wasn’t until I was on a heli-ski trip in the Selkirk Mountains when I realized in-flight headsets pose the perfect solution. I thought: “what if we could hear the world around us without sacrificing our ability to communicate?”

This led us to the foundation of HybridAudio technology, a patent pending method to tune frequencies of the outside world, embedded into the hardware. With just a click of a button, Boombotix headphone listeners can immerse themselves in the sound of the world around them. And with another click, the user is again fully immersed in their source audio.

“The headphones provide studio level sound, and I can listen with them outside and move through the city without any worries” -Chris McKleroy, Boombotix.

The acoustics of the  headphone line has been studio tuned by leading audio experts, providing a robust sound across the frequency spectrum. The tuning of the head- phones is very flat, offering a balanced sound without overwhelming bass. Built for the active user, these Bluetooth headphones are drop-tested, water resistant, and foldable.

The Boombotix headphone line is broken down into three wireless models, the over-ear Master headphone, the on-ear Midi headphone, and the Micro wireless earbud. All three models are available through our Kickstarter campaign.

Chuck Inglish Slaps Da Bass

For our latest video installment we linked up with one of our favorite producer/rappers, Chuck Inglish, to discuss what bass means to him. According to Chuck, “The definition of bass to me, is that heartbeat. It’s that thump. You know what I mean. It’s that drums. It’s that ass.”


Watch the full video to go deep into bass with Chuck, and check out some stills below that we took during our shoot. To shop the Boombot Bass Station, click here.









Boombotix & Globe Create The World’s First Speaker Boards

For our latest collaboration we wanted to create something new and special, something that’s never been done before. We linked with skateboarding and action sports cornerstone brand, Globe, to create the world’s first Bluetooth Enabled Speaker Boards.
The GSB Blazer, a mini cruiser board, and the GSB Pinner, a longboard, are outfitted with a custom wireless speaker module from Boombotix, giving riders complete freedom from headphones. The speaker boards play continuously for two hours with a full charge and at full volume, but while at 70 percent volume, riders and friends can enjoy up to six or more hours of playtime. Both boards are dust, water, and impact resistant.
We worked closely with the experts at Globe along with our own engineering team to overcome some of the key challenges in creating a product like this, such as preserving the rigidity of the boards while also removing sections of wood to make room for the audio components. We implemented a vibration easing system and a high impact ABS construction, allowing riders to cruise the GSB worry-free. It charges easily with a 6’ USB cable, and works with any Bluetooth enabled smart device.
As Gitlin, Globe Skateboards designer states, “The GSB skateboards are designed to eliminate the isolating experience of skating with headphones and they allow you to share the tunes out loud with your friends.”
“We built a custom 5W amp with an integrated passive radiator, for bass you can feel as you ride. It was really an exercise in delivering strong acoustics in a thin form factor, which is something many audio engineers struggle with regularly,” said Lief Storer, founder of Boombotix.
The Speakerboards are available directly from Globe here. Check the photos below for a closer look at the GSB Blazer and GSB Pinner, and watch our video clip of the board in action.